Forging Better Relation......

Due to entire range of in-house manufacturing facility and wide stock of raw material (about 300 metric tons) for all the grades of material, the delivery is possible in shortest lead time, in case of urgencies we can manufacture and ship the material by air in a fortnight.

Our core comperence (other suppliers bottle-neck for deliveries)

Sr. No.
Requirement for timely delivery
In-house infrastructure   
Does your supplier Have these facilities
Power &Fuel for manufacturing         
Gas turbine power house (captive power plant)
Availability of Ex-stock Raw Material of various sizes & grades
In-house induction furnace for making various grades of  ingots upto 1100 Kg./per Heat
Forging manufacturing capacity   
a) Bend saw cutting Machine – 4 Nos.
b) Pre Heating Furnace for forging – 2 Nos. 
c) Forging Hammer with 5 tons capacity -2 Nos
d) Forging upto ½” to 48” of flanges
e) Heat Treatment and Quenching bath -2 Nos.
f) Machines (for Machining & Drilling) of various  sizes -41 Nos.
Testing Facilites
Spectro Analyzer for chemical Testing  UTM Machines for physical testing. Ultrasonic Testing internal soundness of materal Liquid penetrant Test for detecting surface cracks Metallographic Test for 
(a) IGC Testing : practice A, practice C   
(b) Microscope Exammination : 500 times  enlarged original  microscope object